I had no idea I was going to write a book. Actually, I didn't even know it was a "book" until it was almost finished...

I am not the kind of  person who had ordinarily spent much time writing. I’ve never kept a diary and I don’t journal. But throughout my life on many occasions, my friends and even strangers have said to me, "you should write that down,"  and I would wonder, "why do so many people say that to me?" 

About a month before I wrote my folio I was persuaded by a close friend of mine to create a "vision board" to help me recognize and write down my most important dreams and aspirations. I hit upon the idea that what I really wanted was to “flow” –  that is to effortlessly harness the current that runs through all of my ventures and adventures.

Writing it made it believable, believing it made it possible.

That is when new doors began to open for me.  I met new people and had new experiences that prompted me to walk over to my computer one day and just start to write. In that moment everything just flowed. I connected to a space that I had not accessed before. It was a cathartic, healing experience in which I felt peace, love and the connectedness that is every person’s birthright. I was unaware at that time that I was on a new phase of my life’s journey until my mother said to me, "You can't just put this in your drawer, you have to share what you wrote with the world" and that's when I realized I was writing a book.

I wrote these Articulations to heal, feel, face and overcome  challenging aspects of my life.  I published it to share and show my appreciation for that amazing place I found within myself. May my writings take to you to that place so you can believe it exists and connect to it within yourself.  I may have originally written what I did for me, but I  published it for you. 

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"This book is really wonderful, fluid, lyrical, graceful, joyful, and profoundly Liberating."

​                  -- Nevine Michaan

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*Wendy Falcon is an author, realtor, yoga teacher, and radio talk show host. Passionate about her family, her friends, and life, Wendy explores  new horizons every single day. She articulates her 

insights and heartfelt messages to you.

*Formerly known as Wendy Di Bella when she was married.