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​If you have ever thought or said any of the following:
There is a book in me.
There is a book in everyone.
Why am I not writing this down?
I really should write a book.
I feel like I have something to share/say.
How do people write a whole book?
I really admire authors.
I love to write, I should write more often.
I hate writing. 
If you have ever been told, “You should write a book…”

There are many forms of writing, there are many types of books. There are many reasons why people write and many topics they write about. This Word & Play Shop is about unblocking any blocks that have prevented you from having direct access to the free flow inspired part of yourself where effortless writing/living comes from. It is about removing blocks, noticing where that free flow space is within yourself, and accessing it at will. This Word & Play Shop is not about what you are writing, but that you are writing from the information highway that allows you to write effortlessly and with clarity. Writing that serves you and the greater good of all who read what you write. The worlds most admired and inspired writers speak of and connect to this space within themselves when writing. You have not stumbled upon this Word & Play Shop, if you are reading this it means you are that great yourself. I encourage you to let that be known by all. For joy, self expression, or for anything you have ever felt  went wrong you can right it now, by writing it now. I double dog dare you!

This Word & Play Shop is intentionally being held on December 31st. It is for those who are truly ready and 100% committed to moving forward effortlessly. I am honored and excited to see you show up for yourself in this way, on this day, with such certainty.

Facilitated by:
Wendy Falcon Author, Radio Show Host and Creator of The Turn Your Life Series.

Wendy was formerly a stock broker on Wall Street and Real estate broker in New York and Arizona. She spent much of her life helping people with their larger investments. In an unprecedented turn of events her life shifted and she began writing in a way and from a place that she didn't even know existed. Experiencing the purpose, meaning and joy of  her life in this new way, gave way to her choice to turn her life towards her greatest purpose and dreams. Helping others with their single largest investment...themselves.

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"This book is really wonderful, fluid, lyrical, graceful, joyful, and profoundly Liberating."

​                  -- Nevine Michaan